Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Forum and the Super Bowl

A frequent visitor knows I'm a Wisconsin native ergo a Green Bay Packer fan.  At our Friday Forum it was Pick-A-Packer Friday as we brewed Packer's Perc, from Berres Brothers Roasters in Watertown, WI and I wore my Packer's Super Bowl Champions sweatshirt from 1996.  If I'd only had a cheese head!
I talked a lot of smack.  Did some early celebrating, confident the Pack was headed to the Superbowl . . . NOT!  Let's talk coffee.

We've enjoyed both Highlander Grogg and Packer's Perc from my road trip to Berres Brothers Roasters.  Here is what the forum had to say:

E. expressed, “Coffee was delicious as well as N’s cinnamon rolls! I also loved the pepper jelly and cream cheese. Spicy and sweet."  E. is moving on to another job opportunity and will be greatly missed.  We sure appreciate the contributions E. has made to the Friday Forum.

V. shared these words about the Highlander Grogg blend, "Not a fan of the strong ‘butterscotch’ aroma or flavor. There was a time when it would have made me very happy!"

In my quest to learn all things that make coffee great I came across a cause worth mentioning, Coffee Kids.

"Coffee Kids works with coffee-farming families to improve their lives and livelihoods" 

I am a proponent for responsible consuming.  I can't enjoy my coffee at the expense of clean water, adequate housing and good education for the coffee growers.   Please take a moment to read about this organization.  If you love coffee forgo a few cups and help out the Coffee Kids. 

Check out this link on the report of the Coffee Kids organization to ensure responsible giving. BBB report on Coffee Kids.

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  1. Girlfriend, I don't know much about football and I don't drink coffee so I am kinda out of touch with your post....I do know that my son in love is an avid Giants fan and he wants to go to the super bowl so maybe it will be between the Green Bay Packers and the Giants...I really don't know what I am talking about......hahahah

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend....It is dark, cloudy and rainy here in North Carolina....We've had a lot of this kind of weather lately...I need some sunshine.....

  2. Did you say coffee? I'm always looking for a better cup.

  3. I am not a coffee drinker, but I enjoy reading about your delight in for that football team, well don't follow....but I am sure all the boys in my house know what is going on.

  4. Sorry about the Packers! Thanks for the links and for sharing your adventures with us. :)

  5. I can see how some coffee drinkers would find Highlander a bit heavy-handed.
    oh, those darn Packers...

  6. I'm so glad I told you about Berres Brothers! I'm glad you both enjoyed Highlander Grogg. It is my favorite, but I also love their unflavored coffees. They have so many different kinds. DId you see my pictures from the tour I took at the facility?