Sunday, December 16, 2012

All I Want for Christmas...

In the wonder and joy that is the holiday season gift giving can hit a sour note.  Those who rank "Gifts" high in their level of love languages, I'm assuming, find joy in hunting and presenting that perfect gift.  As "Gifts" is not high for me I find it more of a chore than a cheer.

Companies have made the gift-giving process enormously easy.  The gift box assembles items that are packaged for your convenience; all you add is the wrapping paper.  One trip through the box store's holiday aisles and your gift-giving requirements can be met.

When L. was in grade school we knew his gift list before he wrote it.  As he aged his gift requests grew more specific and expensive.  As an independent, young man who purchases what he wants when he wants, his gifts have to come from our creativity.  (An onerous chore for the not-so-creative.)

'Touch' is my love language and for those who share this, as well as those with 'Quality Time', will be as cheered by this article from Science of Relationships: "All I Want For Christmas Is You". 

As a family, this year we decided to forgo individual presents in lieu of a tasting tour of New Orleans.  This hits the perfect note for each of us at this particular time in our lives.

Whatever your personal view of gifts I urge you to find the method that produces joy in you because if you are joyous you will give joy.  Don't be the the pivotal point to the phrase "If I'm not happy, no body's happy".

To all who take time to stop by and read my words I wish you much joy and happiness in the new year.  My wish for our broken and hurting world, "Peace on earth, good will toward men."

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