Friday, December 7, 2012

Marking Two Decades

L. is 20 years old today.  We celebrated his birthday early, at Thanksgiving break, today being the last day of classes at UT.  He has plans to celebrate with friends tonight, which is likely preferable, at age 20, than hanging with the folks as we tearfully walk down memory lane.

It was December 7, 1992 in Louisville, Kentucky.  We were 32 years young, married for 12 years and, me, not being of a modest nature, allowed my mother to video L. as he made his debut.  He doesn't share our continuous awe of the process nor our fascination for reliving it yearly.

Being an only, and having a writer for a mother, he has always been very gracious about living his life on the printed page.  This may have a lot to do with our shared love for reading and writing that started at an early age.

In first grade we wrote the first installment of The Logan Chronicles "Errand Day or The Serpent Slayer".  It was a true story that I put into words and a good friend (and excellent artist) illustrated for us.  

About this same time Harry Potter made the jump across the 'pond' and was becoming quite popular.  We started reading aloud these chapter books and continued through many series together; Redwall, Hank the Cowdog, Mortal Engines, Game of name a few.

L. excelled in English classes as he penned his own tales.  His love of math and science has him double majoring in Chemistry and Computer Science but he shared some of his writing talent by guest posting his series "Inside the Uni, Outside the Classroom" here, last summer.

L. has been the subject of many a blog post which will undoubtedly continue, so on this special day let me wish my muse, my literary companion, my son a very Happy, Happy 20th Birthday!


  1. Well Happy Birthday and hugs to his mom on this day also! What fun to watch a developing author.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son! Glad you were able to celebrate it together! :)

  3. Happy Birthday to cousin Logan! And happy day of remembrance to my lovely Aunt and Uncle. Love you all!

  4. P.S. I would love to read Errand Day! What a special book. :)