Sunday, March 17, 2013

Breaking for Spring

March has been busy and it isn't half over.  My niece got married on the 2nd in Fort Worth, Texas, which brought family from afar to revel together in celebration.  The fun was extended as I chatted with other nieces and sisters about what to wear, if we all had boots and what fun we would have boot scootin'.

My parents, Wisconsin natives, drove the extra miles to visit after the wedding.  Texas Panhandle weather can be feisty this time of year but the sun came out everyday and although the temperature was cool it was warm compared to their March weather. They rested after all the festivities, we enjoyed quality time together and they stayed long enough to see L., home for spring break.

Second semester, Sophomore year is a busy term for L.  He took on a double major (Chemistry and Computer Science) which leaves no room to take an easy class with a difficult one. He flew in on Friday evening with a programming problem still unsolved; due at the stroke of midnight.  We hugged hello then set him up at the kitchen table.  Eureka! occurred at 11:30 pm when he ran another test and the bug was ousted.

The rest of the week was spent getting ahead on future assignments, submitting scholarship applications, catching up on sleep and eating superb home cooking.

The sewing room reverted to a guest room three weeks ago.  The success replicating the size 2T dress has me itching to pull the machines out and get busy.

The weekend is being spent putting the house to rights and prepping the yard for spring.

St. Patrick's Day is upon us with Easter close at hand. Summer holds a host of possibilities dependent on what the spring brings.  Exciting times ahead!

What are you doing here on the cusp of spring?

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  1. Sounds like you have had lots of good family time. It's always good to reconnect and make precious memories.....

    I am enjoying our warmer weather and looking for sunshine this week...I hope...

  2. What fun you're having! Enjoy that time together.
    Still in the winter doldrums here...

  3. Hi Sally,
    And i thought I was busy. Sounds like you had some wonderful times with family and friends. We have been working on scholarship applications here too.