Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sewing Mania

At the end of February my sewing projects took a turn and its been full steam ahead. Children's clothes are fun because they are fast.  In an evening I can turn out a finished item.

The patterns are from garments bought at Goodwill and taken apart.  This requires a bit more finesse when cutting but provides better instruction. I can see exactly how the pieces fit together and how the finished product should look.

Within the recycle/reuse theme there have been great ideas for children's clothes from t-shirts.  After making 2 t-shirt quilts for L. I still have some t-shirts left.

This dress was bought at Goodwill...and this dress, (the t-shirt is L.'s Middle School) was the result.

Pinterest is a wonderful resource for tutorials on children's clothes.  This adorable t-shirt dress comes from taking a child's t-shirt and adding a skirt.  The fabric for the skirt and sash were more quilt remnants from the most recent stash R. provided.

The dresses are great but there was also a lounge pant tutorial using t-shirts that came from Pinterest.  Quick and cute!

Not only are these clothes fast and relatively easy, but I'm learning so much about my sewing machines and garment construction, and loving it. My first items are a bit rough but practice makes 'almost' perfect.  

Please take a minute and share a sewing tip, website you find helpful or a pattern that is your favorite. 

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  1. How clever and creative! My sewing skills are limited, so I don't really have any helpful tips.

  2. You are on a roll and I am loving all your garments....Pinterest is a wonderful resource that is for sure....I am so impressed that you take one apart and make another.....

  3. look at you, go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my!!! my sewing machine is calling me and I need to get some paid for projects finished..thanks for the inspiration!!! Great job!

  4. You are so creative! Will have to look you up on Pinterest; I just got on there and still finding my way around. :)