Thursday, February 28, 2013

Creativity Takes a Turn

Followers are well aware of my sewing mania manifested by our Empty Nest experience.  Two years have passed and the sewing has been kept alive, in part, by a friend who has provided some wonderful quilting remnants.

Projects are chosen through a recycle/reuse philosophy.  I like to reconstruct and the materials at hand have driven most ideas.  R. is a quilting friend, who has other quilting friends and on more than one occasion has blessed me with some outstanding remnants.

Her gift of minkee remnants provided three child blankets for the family reunion auction.  Her second gift of coordinating yellow pieces made this raw edge quilt.  Her third gift arrived in D.s trunk this past weekend and is a wonderful array of mixed patterns.

My excursion into the world of re-upholstery is semi-complete (finished the chair, haven't started the ottoman).  I squeezed in another t-shirt quilt (a collection of youth group shirts from church) having just finished the binding I wasn't looking to start another quilt.

With quilting remnants the pieces are not large but the fabrics are so pretty....what pretty thing could I make that takes a small amount of fabric?

It is hard to pinpoint what exactly brought the idea to mind but I was off to Goodwill where I found a cute dress that looked easy to replicate.

 I pulled it apart to use as pattern pieces.

Three days later and ... ta da!

The only change made was putting snaps on the shoulders instead of three buttons on the back.  Interestingly, the snaps were the most difficult part of the process!  I am very pleased with this first effort and already have the second project in mind.  There are still plenty of
t-shirts left to use and Pinterest is a gold mine of cute clothing ideas.

This is a new turn in my sewing journey, one I'm excited to follow.
What new places has your journey taken you?

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  1. Your creativity is inspiring. I especially like the tee-shirt quilt. Just the other day someone told me she had one made for her son when he left for college.

  2. Adorable. Next question, who is the recipient of this sweet creation? Have fun at the wedding

  3. WOW you have been a busy gal......and what a blessing to others.....That is the cutest little dress and the tshirt quilts....You are a very creative lady....

    I want to thank you for your comments on my blog this past week. They were very comforting and encouraging and I really appreciate them so much....

  4. You are inspiring! So glad you shared with us. I may come to you the next time I make a quilt. :)