Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday Holiday?

D. and I have been enjoying the Superbowl pregame shows, we've taped, because they started at 9 this morning.  You don't have to like football to enjoy the stories of: players, coaches, the stadium. the host city and people in the host city plus those who are nationally noteworthy, i.e. The Sandy Hook Elementary School choir.

Super Bowl Sunday is just a presidential distinction away from being a national holiday.  Given the lack of traffic on the streets and the crowds gathered at sports bars, friend's houses and even churches it may be appropriate to say Super Bowl Sunday is a holiday recognized by the citizenry.

I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing. This event is full of patriotism, nationalism, volunteerism, love for our teams, love for the fans, teamwork not to mention the substantial amount of money pumped into the local and national economies.  

Sitting here watching the coin toss I hope for a good game.  It's more entertaining to watch evenly matched teams battle for field position and scoring opportunities than be bored at the half by a blow out.  The commercials will keep us watching through the end no matter the score.  Product saturation is a holiday requisite.

Super Bowl Sunday is an American celebration of a national pastime.  It may not be your thing or your sport but I like that anyone who wants can be a part of the entertainment and fun.

What would you grant holiday status?

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  1. I think in everybody's mind, it probably is already is a holiday.....even if you have to work there are televisions everywhere and people can still watch....Like everything else it has it's good side and it's bad side. I just wish that people got as excited about some other things as much as they about the super bowl.....thanks for your comments...I really appreciate hearing from you...

  2. We enjoy college sports here at our house, but we did have a nice, quiet evening watching the hoopla with one or two of the boys.

    It's a good reason to pop in frozen pizzas, anyway. :D