Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weather You Do Weather You Don't

D. steps in from the backyard, "It is beautiful outside right now, cool with a slight breeze."  He picks up his coffee mug and steps back out.  I hop over to my waiting mug of steaming java, hot on his heels.

The Panhandle of Texas is a wonderfully sunny place.  In the thirteen years I have lived here we've been in drought conditions, reaching severe status the past two years.  The heat of a West Texas summer can be stifling.  It is April and we've already reached 90 degrees, a portent of things to come?  Likely.  A cool morning is something to be savored and enjoyed (as I sit typing :)

This early morning conversation brought to mind how often I speak of the weather.  Every morning while getting ready for work the morning show drones in the background until the music that signals the weather report.  (Indeed, our local station has a specific melody that signals the weather report to come.)  I stop and watch to see what the weather will be like for the day.

I've grew up in a dairy farming community where the weather report was essential for the livelihood of the household and overall region. I didn't pay particular attention at that age but I was aware of the adults discussing what the weather would mean for crops, animals and bank loans.

The weather talk around here is much the same as the cotton crop is our economic engine and the weather can make or break a cotton growing season.  The cotton yield does not draw my personal interest but the weather still plays a prominent role in my daily conversation.

Socially, weather is a generic, generally successful conversation starter.  It is the go-to topic for that awkward moment when you are waiting with people you do not know.  It has enough legs to get you through the ride; until the bus arrives or the doors open.

The daily weather report guides what I will wear.  Particularly in the spring and fall when the morning and afternoon temperatures can be quite varied successful clothing layers make for optimum comfort throughout the day.

Plus, I just like to know because there will be that awkward moment when I'm standing with people, waiting, and weather will come to the conversational rescue.

Do you share my weather views?  What is your 'go-to' conversation starter?

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  1. I AM SICK OF THIS DAMN RAIN!!!!! Another great and interesting blog. The nice weather we brought home from with us from vacation fell off the truck in Iowa! Love ya.........

  2. Well, the weather is always changing here, so it does make for a constant conversation piece. I often wonder what people talk about as a fallback when they live in places with the same climate day after day...
    Of course, we can rely on sports, too..."How about them Brewers/Badgers/Packers?"

  3. We made a short trip to our cabin in Northern WI this weekend. While we were gone central WI got an ice storm. Up north got wind and light snow, but then they still have a couple feet of white stuff left from the "winter." Now that we are home again, it is cold, sometimes rainy, and just bitter chill. Your folks should have stayed with you for a few more weeks.

  4. Yes, weather is a go-to topic for me too. It branches off into gardening and all sorts of things. Quite handy, that's for sure.

    Hope you have good weather this week! :)

  5. My husband is a weather buff. Has the app on the phone and everything.

    I've never been able to gin up any enthusiasm (at all) about the weather channel. To me, it's as exciting as cornflakes. You're right, though. It's a good conversation starter/ice breaker. And I do care what the weather's doing when I'm running and walking.

    Happy spring!

  6. The weather is a safe topic. I use it in check-out lanes all the time.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.