Sunday, April 21, 2013

One Week In April

The technology that allowed authorities to find two unknown criminals out of a crowd of thousands is the same technology that allows us to share in the tragedy and grief and moment by moment expressions from horror to resolution of any world event.

This week in April I have wept, watching with the world as Boston suffered and triumphed over those who felt compelled to share their pain and confusion through violent means.

I have wept watching fellow Texans in the town of West sift through the remains of their community following a chemical fertilizer plant explosion that has torn them apart.

This morning I wept over the news reviews and the overwhelming examples of heroes that, in both tragedies, stepped up to help.  The stories of those individuals that ran into the smoke, into the fire with the thought of helping someone in need.

I wait and listen for these stories, the ones of heroism and selflessness that keep my heart from turning hard and brittle over the senseless brutality a few inflict on so many.

We live in a hurt and broken world but the light shines brightest in the darkest hours.  My prayers go out to all those who were touched by the darkness and also to those who let the light shine in and through them when the light is needed most.

These are other everyday heroics that have filled my heart with light:

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Grace of the Common People

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  1. Well said Sally! I think that is exactly what we all felt. It was hard to watch T.V. all week. Our prayers are going out to many right now. May they be comforted by the millions who care!!! Mom

  2. Sally, your words remind us all to look beyond the hurt and pain and focus on the brave ones who helped without regard to themselves...Thank you...

  3. That's the wonderful thing...the worst acts can bring out the best in people. And, hopefully, turn our eyes heavenward.

    Happy spring, Sally!

  4. Amen...the West tragedy hit close to home as it affected the mother of my aunt..and we always stop in that small community. Yes, applauds to the heroes in both events.