Saturday, June 1, 2013

Swan Song

The definition of Swan Song is a person giving a final public performance or professional activity before retiring.  Following is the Swan Song for this version of Live & Learn with Sally.

My first post was published at the end of January, 2009 because of a suggestion from D.   He thought I might enjoy the process of blogging.  I was vaguely aware of blogs but had no particular interest until he made mention of it.  I was intrigued that D. thought this was something I would enjoy . . . and he was right.

Through research, trial and error I stumbled into, and became a participant, in the enormous, online world of bloggers.  What an incredible opportunity to satisfy my writer's bug, put my words in front of a wide audience and make new friends.

Blogs are a treasure trove of information giving evidence to the myriad of reasons someone might want to blog.  An early, important rule of blogging is; a wide readership requires posting regularly and often.

The focus of my blog has changed and evolved but it has always been, and will continue to be, a creative outlet.  Posts will be less regular and contingent on what my other creative outlets are producing.  Topics will be more personal journal and less an attempt at growing a diverse readership.

Thank you so much to the readers that have subscribed or visited weekly to read my words.  It is your attention that drives every writer.

Thank you to the friends I have made in the blogging world.  Your commenting was much appreciated.  I will continue to stop and visit at your place.

To all those who have passed my way, thank you for joining me on a great, personal, writing experiment.  It has been fun and much enjoyed.


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  1. Will miss seeing you regularly. I can relate for sure. :) Wish you the best in whatever endeavors come your way!

  2. Life's about change, and I'm glad you're embracing it in yours!

  3. So sorry to read about your swan song. I've enjoyed visiting your blog and am thankful for your comments on mine.
    Best of luck in whatever path you take!

  4. Enjoy your break! Happy trails, and I certainly hope to see you around. :D