Saturday, May 25, 2013

Current State of Affairs

In the weekly rumination of "what will I blog" the topics were varied and many, requiring a post on the current State of Affairs as seen from my arm chair in West Texas.

Memorial Day Weekend.  One weekend a year to thank those who sacrifice their lives for our freedom seems weak and yet under the blanket of minimum government funds our citizenry demonstrates their gratitude by stepping forward.  This is just a chip on the iceberg of the organizations that offer help to our returning soldiers and their families:

Oklahoma Tornado.  Crisis enmasse seems to be happening at a fast pace; Sandy Hook,
Boston bombings and most recently the destruction resulting from the EF5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  The huge bureaucracy that is our government moves slowly but surely yet once again our citizenry steps in to fill the gaps.

National groups include:;;
Non-profit organizations include:
 Baptist On Mission Disaster Relief; Missouri based Convoy of Hope; Santa Barbara based Direct Relief; United Methodist Committee on Relief;
 Jewish Federations of North America

It is difficult not to feel pride when we read how often the common people step up and help their neighbor, reach out to offer assistance and take the time to care.  

West Texas remains in drought conditions with no expected change this season.  Water in our area is becoming a limited, expensive commodity. 

We worked through the mysterious illness that affected us all with one trip to the doctor, OTC meds and many hours on the couch.

We've enjoyed two weeks with L. home before he returns to Austin for a summer of class work, lab research and tutoring.  This leaves D. and I to entertain ourselves with summer plans currently limited to a 4th of July visit with D.s family and an August visit with my folks.  

With the summer stretching in front of me I predict a Summer Sewing Extravaganza.

Three dresses are already on the cutting board. Our list of minor home repairs will get some attention and I leave the possibility open to the unexpected, unanticipated adventure.

What is the current State of Affairs looking like from your arm chair?  

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  1. Good on my home front. Full of work and play with a rain in the forecast.
    Ah, there is so much suffering in this world. That tornado left a wreck.