Friday, November 7, 2014

What to wear, what to wear...

There is an endless stream of fun, easy and creative refashion projects on the internet.  Often of an evening while my sweetheart and I comfortably watch television in our Barcaloungers I'll serf the web and collect new ideas to try between quilts.

I finished the Cat quilt this past weekend. This cute top idea slipped in before I begin cutting panels for a Rugrats quilt.

The refashion is a man's dress shirt paired with a  t-shirt.  I bought the red t-shirt at a second-hand store because I liked the lace insets on the sleeves.

The blue dress shirt was an old one of D's.  It had to be taken in quite a bit as it was a man's extra-large.  I also added the decorative strip which has red and blue stars to dress it up a bit.
More practice in the 'fitting' process will help plus a better quality t-shirt would look and work better. I like the design and look of this refashion and will keep my eyes open for better dress/t-shirt combinations. What do you think?

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