Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 Summer Show-N-Tell Sewing Projects

Not having posted since last May there is plenty to Show-n-Tell from the sewing room. The Cat quilt, the final version of the animal, children's quilt is cut out and half way through construction.  Instead of straight line quilting as was done on the Dog and Bear I am quilting the silhouette of cats on each piece.

At the beginning of the summer I wanted to try spelling words with quilting stitches.  Remaining, various colored t-shirts of L's and remnants of the first UT quilt resulted in a second, more casual, UT quilt.

L. had this really neat hand-painted t-shirt of the Texas capitol and Austin skyline he bought Freshman year.  It was so unique I decided to make a pillow sham and try my hand at adding a zipper.  I really like how it turned out and the zipper allows for ease of care and washing.

The work on the Cat is continuous but it is put aside when the urge to start and complete a project in a day takes over.

I am a big fan of the twirly skirt fashioned onto a t-shirt.  There is still a lot of fabric that I was given and this is such a fun and colorful way to use it.  These finish up in a day.

This cute shorts pattern uses
the remnant bottom of t-shirts.  I had plenty of shirt bottoms so I had to give these shorts a try.

I pulled out a bedspread from storage along with decorative pillows.  The pillows needed a face lift and I found this pillow sham idea. This refashion uses old dress shirts.  

To put some color on this mono dress shirt I made an Exploding Pineapple quilt square to put on the front.

  The finished front....                                                                                         ...and the finished back.
From my sewing room to yours, keep the needles moving my friends.


  1. You are so talented. Wish I could sew as well as you do. My grandson is taking a family consumer class this year in high school and during the first semester he has learned how to sew. Last night he wore the pajama pants he made in class. He is so proud of them--and we are too. I think it's wonderful to be able to work on something creative then see the results of your work--and sewing does that, as I can tell from all of your creations!

  2. You have been busy!! Welcome back.