Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Fireplace Moment

A fireplace was not a 'must have' when house shopping.  My general impression; they were messy and an added chore. I didn't mind the smokey smell and under someone else's care, were comforting and romantic but the upkeep outweighed the positive aspects for me. 
Our first Texas home just happened to have a fireplace.  It was large, well built, a gas starter with a clean out built into the bottom that was accessed through a chute located on the patio. 

I fell in love with the fireplace. 

I became a master fire-starter. 

In our second Texas home there just happened to be a fireplace, smaller, with a gas starter but no clean out chute.  Oh whoa, my disappoinment was minimial, my love for the warmth and comfort was not diminished by the extra upkeep.

In the time honored tradition of CBS Sunday Morning News - Moments of Nature I want to leave you with a warm Fireplace Moment.   Enjoy.
(Filmed on Super Bowl Weekend)



  1. Don't forget to call a chimney sweeper every year or so to clean up the chimney and check for loose bricks. More house fires begin in the chimney than in any other places.

  2. Good advice indeed, thanks Rosaria.

  3. Thanks for the video, Sally! We don't have a fireplace here in FL. :)

    Oh, but I had to disagree with the Packers comment - my husband is a Steelers fan. :)

  4. No fireplance here for us but I live in Fl too and many people have them--I wish we did as it is freezing here now:))

  5. A fireplace is such a treat in the cold weather. I wish you warmth Madeline and Terri, thanks for coming by.

  6. OH, I love this. Thanks for sharing--wish it was longer! I long for a fireplace--we had one in one of our homes in L.A., where we didn't really need it. Now that we'er in Illlinois, we could use one...

  7. Jeanette, no kidding, Illinois is fireplace country. I was surprised at how easily I converted.

  8. i completely agree about the upkeep of traditional, wood fire places, but they're so beautiful and it does add a bit of warmth into the home. a great way of cleaning up soot and ash is purchasing an ash vacuum, which also cleans BBQ pits and stoves. Pretty handy.

  9. Celeste, thanks for stopping by. I'll have to look into the ash vacuum.