Friday, February 4, 2011

Be Mine!

Here comes Valentine’s Day, a wonderful opportunity to express love and appreciation to the people who make our lives worth living.  Valentine's are not just for the coupled, everyone should be loved and appreicated so think outside the dated and married and send Valentines.

Gifts are fun to give and receive, great tips can be found here.  Today, a week ahead of the big day, is a good time to visit our gift receiving expectations, and adjust them.

Some things for us all to consider:

1. If you are not big on receiving gifts, or have verbally said you don’t care (whether that is true or you were speaking through another emotion at the moment), those words will be considered truth so don’t get angry because he is doing what you said.

2. If you’ve made a specific gift request you’ve taken it out of his hands. If he’s happy and you are happy, good deal. If he doesn’t get what you asked for find out why, it may be more financial than emotional.

3. Don’t drop hints and then be angry if he didn’t pick up on them. NO ONE can read your mind and it is your fault for expecting him to. You should visit number 2, it will make for a happier holiday.

4. He may not seem interested in receiving on Valentine’s Day but showing up unexpectedly with his favorite candy bar or soda, delivered with a kiss, will speak volumes.

5. You may not have a significant other that will bring you expressions of love but you don’t have to look far to be significant to someone. Don’t let self pity and loneliness have their way, push them aside with thoughtfulness and express your love and appreciation. An example:

Last year our son gave us a heartwarming valentine.  He set the laptop computer on the kitchen table pulling up valentine wallpaper and composing his own ode of appreciation. He then sprinkled the table with red and pink chocolate candies. He did this the night before so we would find it in the morning.

Share the love of Christ on February 14th; be a grateful Valentine or make someone your Valentine.  This holiday does not have to pass unexpressed.


  1. I have never had a "valentine" but always LOVE the day. I love the pink and red, the fear and expectation people have over a make believe holiday, the remembrance to love those in your life...even if they aren't a lover or significant other. I love you much Sally - I am thankful for your influence and friendship.

  2. Texas Gal you are a bright light. You have filled my life with your love and laughter. You are a precious valentine!

  3. These are good tips for any other occasion too. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I will remember you words of wisdom! I enjoy reading your blog! :)