Friday, February 18, 2011

Where Have All the Fathers Gone?

It is award season and the airwaves are full of ceremonies celebrating just about everything.  It is understandable that we want to recognize our favorites, we want others to see we are recognizing our favorites and if there is money to be made by televising the recognizing of our favorites the ceremony will surely be found on one of the many, many cable channels.

I have no problem with these shows, my angst is generated from the behavior of these favorites and the implied acceptance of their behavior.

The Today show was the culprit who ignited my irritation.  They were showing the fashions displayed at the Golden Globes and commenting on the number of starletts who have chosen to give birth as single mothers and how wonderfully they have draped their "baby bumps."  (On a subsequent episode of the Today show it was said the "baby bump" is the new accessory.)

I'll admit to having crossed that generational line of finding these girls naive and ignornant in their lack of knowledge of what, even today, will be the struggles for a single mother.  This debate alone has it's own legs but I want to address a different issue;

Where are the fathers? 

What has happened to the men?  Marriage may not be expected yet the mother's appearance in public with no mention of his name gives the indication that he has cast his progeny to the wind, along with his obligations and self respect. 

Man up!  You have made a child, you have a responsibility to that child, and if your proud of sleeping around be proud enough to attach your name to the results...

....I'm just sayin'.


  1. Sally, you pushed one of my hot buttons. I am in total agreement with you. We have gone through this with our daughters and some of their close friends. For some reason the girls did not see how their lives were going to change forever, while the "boys" would go on their merry way. It was only by the Lord's grace that we were able to go through these very hard times. Thankfully, our daughters and their friends had supportive familiies and they each made the decision to have their babies. The other alternative is for another blog. We have been blessed with great grandchildren. I believe each child was suppose to be here. My plan was for them to arrive later in their mothers' lives. As far as the fathers go, for the most part they finally did step up to the plate, but it took them a long time. It does disturb me greatly that media glamorizes unwed parenthood but that's the way of the world.

  2. Barb, these topics are blog rich. I appreciate the opportunity to share. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  3. Your point is well taken. Children require a lot of attention for a long time, and having two parents will make it easier for these children to be loved and cared for properly.