Friday, February 24, 2012

Dating & Mating: Meet You, Meet Me

In the world of relationships meeting that one person you are willing to spend the rest of your life with; your life partner (or so we hope), can be difficult and frightening.

The Today Show highlighted the cultural trend: Online Dating:The Secret Science of Love at First Byte.  Meeting people online was initially met with skepticism but legitimate businesses such as and, are two of 1,500 companies in a thriving industry of matchmaking.

Computers are attempting to do what friends and relatives have been doing for generations.  Matching people we know with other people, known to friends and relatives, who may make a compatible couple.

Success is a certainty with either of these methods when combined with one key element; your willingness to meet people.  You have to be willing to put time and energy into meeting new people, making conversation, putting yourself out there.  The advantage to employing matchmakers is the person you meet has been vetted and shares your intentions.

Once you've decided to 'step out' paying a company isn't necessary, instead, spread the word to those you know that you are willing to meet whom-ever they think is worth an introduction.  You may be surprised at the number of opportunities friends and family deliver.

You should prepare to experience multiple introductions, some worth investigating and some, not so much.  Let those which are a "definite no" go easily and without personal recriminations.  Extend yourself and explore the "possibles".  A "definite possibility" may be closer than you think. 

If you feel Valentine's Day is another name for Singles Awareness Day it may be time to put out the word to your people and say,  "I'm ready."

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  1. yes I have know a couple of divorce adults that have meet their new spouses through these truly is a different world

  2. My sister met her husband through the internet and he is one great guy. I was so concerned when she told me what she had done but in her case it definitely ended up well....With any introduction, you need to use discerment and ask for God's direction because a life long mate is a huge decision....Only God know the right person for us.....

    A post worth pondering....

  3. Yeah, friends have known you all your life, that know you better than you know yourself. Let them help. In the end, it's your own judgement that will result in that chemistry called love.

  4. I think that if a single person did want to meet someone--they need to put the word out--we are all matchmakers at heart!

  5. It really is something, isn't it? I don't know anyone who's met and married anyone from an online site, but I imagine I will someday.

    Have a great weekend! :)