Friday, February 3, 2012

Your Thread In the Historic Fabric

Hitting the half century mark leads to some reflection across my personal timeline.  At the holidays we made a trip back to the area where I grew up.  My small town, like so many, is decreasing in size with the main street businesses closed and buildings falling into their foundations.

Our two room school house held six grades.  My 1st and 2nd grade was made up of 8 girls.  Our school bus was a red station wagon that made three trips to 'bus' all the kids to school and home.  In 3rd grade the district consolidated.  The burning question in my young mind, "Where did all these kids come from?"  The school will be torn down to make way for a county clinic, the building too old and decayed to bring, economically, up to code.

This church is where I was confirmed, attended vacation bible school for many years and love to attend when we visit my folks.  It was never a large congregation but now there are about 24 regular attenders and my parents, in their early 70's, are the youth group. 

On a country road between town and my home, is the little Welsh Chapel.  My paternal, great-grandmother Mary was the chairman of the Welsh reunion committee in the early 60's.  The Welsh community was already dispersed and there were no regular services.  My dad and mom remember attending the yearly reunion services at the chapel as young marrieds.  The property has reverted back to the originally owners who still maintain the grounds but that, and an occassional burial, is the only activity now.

My life has touched two eras.  I've attended a two room school house and watched computers go viral. much like my grandparents traveling in a horse and buggy and watching a man walk on the moon.  I attempt to hang on to some of these things, as did my great grandmother, by holding reunions and walking down memory lane yet, as I embrace my past I look eagerly forward to the future and all there is yet to unfold. 

What does your historic thread look like?


  1. Oh I did this also when I was turning 50...I did Mommy's Piggy Tales on my blog with a group of women retelling their first 18 years of was I traced God's hand on my life. It is amazing how all this becomes so important at this time in our life.

    So enjoyed your sharing...what a precious thread you have!

  2. How sad to see those old places fall out of use.

  3. I enjoyed seeing these pictures and couldn't believe you went to such a small school! I think that is so cool. I haven't been back to my hometown in a few years but whenever I do, I like to see what has changed. Our downtown too has emptied out---all the newer stores moving to the strip road outside of town.