Thursday, February 9, 2012

SAD: Singles Awareness Day

"I hate Valentine's Day, it's SAD." Young, single, female, co-worker.

Me, "Don't let it be sad, there are a lot of people that love you, and that you love, to celebrate on that day." 

"Not on Singles Awareness Day," replied young, single, male, co-worker.

Understanding the play on words brought a chuckle but the seriousness of both these individuals about their distaste for February 14th was real.  That is sad.  They are not the first unattached (young or old) people that have expressed the sentiment that Valentine's Day highlights, like a neon sign, their singleness.

"You can't go to a restaurant because everyone there is a couple," she declared.
"It makes it much more apparent that you're single," he agreed.

This message is not for those who are happy with your singleness, your satisfaction of relationship status is to be applauded, but there is a vast majority who feel as these do. 

So what are the options?

1.  Ignore the day, treat it like every other day.
2.  Show your love and appreciation to those who make your life better, i.e. parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, etc.
3.  Allow others around you to show their love and appreciation of you.
4.  Show your love for humanity by volunteering, i.e. soup kitchen, food bank, visiting an elder care center, animal shelter, etc.

Valentine's Day can be SAD but it can also be an opportunity for you to make it special for someone else.  The choice is yours.

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  1. Oh it isn't just singles that hate it, I have heard that from married women. Such high expectations...but when we give out and don't worry about getting we can really enjoy any day!

  2. We ignore it here--heck, Doug won't be back from Arizona until almost midnight, so we'll really miss it entirely!

  3. Very good suggestions, Sally! Have a great weekend!

  4. I know it's hard for some people but you know God wants to give those people an extra hug that day as well but they do have to open His gift.....Valentine's Dat is love day no matter who the love is, parents, friends, etc....Just have to refocus....We should call it Love Day for all about that?

    Have a good weekend, Sally

  5. Hi Sally,
    Great suggestions, especially #4.

    Happy St. Valentine's Day to you! Hope it's a great one.