Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Kick-off!

The year is hardly out of the bag and I'm jumping into a new project with both feet and dragging L. along with me.  There is a 'honey-do' list still on the counter with my name on it, (two items already crossed off) but the sewing machines weren't scheduled to return until the list was down to just two items.

L. has one more week of break before heading back to school and we've watched movies, taken walks and cooked our favorite meals.  Time enough left but to do a project together!
Re-covering a big, old, arm chair has been in the back of my mind since we bought it over 5 years ago.  When we moved here (L. was just starting high school) we bought a house with a one room basement.  We turned it into L.'s Man Cave, the perfect location for a ratty, comfy chair...and yet...out of sight out of mind.

The springs in the seat need repair and therefore our first step is to see if we can handle that part of the project.  Pulling the bottom apart has abraded our knuckles, broken fingernails and shot staples across the room but we were rewarded with success.  After close examination and some Googled videos we have a plan and a purchasing list.

Springs repair and seat reassembling will be completed before Sunday night.  L.s physical strength is critical with this step as well as his math skills in measuring and calculating fabric requirements.  He'll also help get the chair pulled apart so I can work on re-covering.

We have a successful trip to the fabric store to move us along.  We found this gold/brown textured piece that was originally $16.99 per yard but it was in the sale area but not marked.  We were hoping for $6, like the others around it, and lit up when the clerk said $3!

I can't imagine we could complete the whole process before L. flies off but it will keep us busy and be a shared treasure when complete.

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished product!

What have you jumped into, already this new year?


  1. I admire your ability to tackle all types of projects. I have never reupholstered beyond recovering cushions or dining chair seats. C, oldest son dropped measurements today for curtains for their new ice shanty. You've been gone from WI for a long time, so don't know if you know the ice fishing culture or not. C and a couple finds have built a new ice shanty that they will be able to cook and sleep in. Nice enough that they will be comfortable in it and kids/wives can show up for an hour or two, but rough enough that the women really don't want to be there for long!
    Anyway, I guess I am undertaking the sewing of the curtains as my next project.

  2. Oh please keep posting..I have one in the garage half finished and the cold has taken my "want to" you will inspire. Enjoy your son and your to do keeps you from getting bored.

  3. Oooo, I'm anxious to see it! And I like the Man Cave sign. Seeing as how I live in one, it resonates with me. :D

    P.S.--Just to keep 'em on their toes, I take it as my bounden duty to inject some feminine into the "cave (i.e., red roses and stunning floral arrangements)."

  4. Glad you are enjoying your time together! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished product. :)