Saturday, January 12, 2013

What Should I Know About You?

When I used to drive L. to school I loved picking him up.  It was time spent sitting close over an extended period with nothing available to do but talk.  When we got home he was off to his homework and game console and I was off to make supper.  We had great conversations riding home.  I often treated him to a soda so I could extend our visits.

Christmas break is over and L. is back at school.  In 2010 our family participated in a Wellness Program that helped us make significant lifestyle changes. We exercise regularly and often walk a neighborhood path.  When L. is home he makes a point of getting us out walking, daily

Our walks recreate that special after school time. Current conversations often revolve around dating and relationships. Our desire is strong for L. to meet that special girl. A girl he can build a loving relationship that will last their lifetime with. The odds for them to be successful in this world are so long. How can a couple shorten the odds?

It is not uncommon for me to say, "If it is that important to you it is a topic to discuss before getting serious."  Could a variety of serious relationship landmines be missed by discussing mundane topics early?  These are just some of the topics I would encourage anyone to broach in conversation with that possible 'significant other':

1.  Do you like to snuggle or don't touch unless given permission?
2.  Do you fold/put away your laundry or leave it in the basket until you wear it again?
3.  What is/was regular meal time like; home cooked, eat out, carry out?
4.  Do you regularly arrive just in time, before time, or late?
5.  What is you opinion about daycare?
6.  What was your relationship like with your grandparents?
7.  How did your mom/dad interact with their in-laws?
8.  What is your level of clean; cluttered but clean, don't like to dust or vacuum but can't stand clutter, clean queen, hoarder.
9.  What is your current debt level?
10.  How did your parent's disagree; shout and stomp out, go quiet and brood, calm discussion?

What other issues would you suggest a possible couple consider?

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  1. For some reason, my oldest two will open up and sing like canaries when you're driving in the van. I've decided it's a mobile counseling office, emergency room, and comic stage all in one. Wonderful times!