Sunday, February 23, 2014

Silhouette Me: An Adventures in Sewing Story

*Duct Tape Dangers Disclosure

My adventures in sewing began in 2011 when L. left for college and the unpredictable 'empty nest' season began.  Live & Learn With Sally has been a depository for both the emotional and artistic journey.  Silhouette Me is another stop along this road.

The Refashion movement has caught my eye.  I've tackled minor adjustments on blouses through haphazard pinning while looking at my reflection in the mirror.

 A major dress refashion has swirled through my mind for some time. My avoidance is in large part due to the lack of confidence to 'fit' the refashion accurately and sufficiently.  Honestly, I want to "want" to wear this dress when the refashion is done.

What I really needed was a dress form which cost $100+, a sum I'm not willing to spend if I'm only going to use it once.  (See Upholstery Re-Do)

A trip on the internet leads to more tutorials on 'Making Your Own Dress Dummy' than you would ever expect.  The two common instructions: you need another person and more than one roll of duct tape.  D. was my willing taper and Sam's provided the bulk package of duct tape.

The adventure began:

Start in a trash bag or old t-shirt.

It is important to capture
every curve.

We followed specific
wrapping instructions.

Getting close but not tight.

2 1/2 hours in and we
are done wrapping;
now to cut me out.

Stuffed and ready
for service.
Dress ready for a
The intention for this dress refashion is to make the skirt portion an A-Line and bring up the hem without removing the back zipper.

I will post the results, success or failure, to let you know how the refashion goes and the dress form performs.

Thanks for stopping by.

*Duct Tape Dangers Disclosure
In an effort for full disclosure be aware that continued use of duct tape over an extended period of time can result in blisters.

D. took one for the team!


  1. Crazy cool of you to make your own dress dummy!

  2. You are so innovative. I am looking forward to see the results. I was so into garment sewing until a few years ago. I am hoping to ramp up my efforts to sew for the youngest granddaughter, but for myself, I am sticking with simple alterations and redos. I love surfing the web for others' efforts at restyling, but i notice the sewists/models are mostly younger, slimmer, and well proportioned.

  3. This is great! Go Girl! I am sending this link to my precious sewing friend. I am sewing curtains, not clothes, but she is!

  4. How creative! You are an inspiration!