Friday, July 13, 2012

Inside the Uni, Outside the Classroom

The first year of our empty nest is past. I cannot adequately express my appreciation to all those who have encouraged me through this personal growth period.

 After successfully completing his first year, L. spent June in a university lab on an internship.   He is now home and busy with two summer courses as well as working to fill his depleted coffers.  What a perfect time to have him guest post here on Live/Learn. 

 L., I appreciate your taking time to visit with my readers.  Why don't you introduce yourself.

Hey Everyone!  I am Sally’s 19 year old son, currently attending the University of Texas at Austin (Rated #30 in the World!).  I’m a double major; Chemistry and Computer Science with expectation to one day have my own lab at a research university.     

The readers are familiar with my struggles, what were your struggles in the first year of college?

I’ve always been a shy person so that made getting outside of the dorm particularly difficult. I found my balance in the second semester when I joined an Honors fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi, which helped me meet many other like-minded people.  There were still bumps along the road but my suite mates where a great help.   

How would you characterize the college culture?  What did you discover in order to maneuver successfully through it?

 I would describe college as a petri dish covered in augur (basic growth agent for bacteria).  The close proximity to people of your own age pushes the assimilation of the culture of the generation at an alarming rate.  News is widely talked about and opinions fly quickly through the campus (often driven by individuals who major in the issues of concern).  You learn so much in a very short time; the knowledge can be so dense that the experience is overwhelming.  What worked best for me was to set some down time aside for myself.  Whether it was reading, playing harmonica, or playing online I found it was wise to schedule time for relaxation.

Share a glimpse of the topics and ideas you’ll share with us through the remainder of the summer.

I like math . . . a lot, so expect to see some of the more interesting facets of math pop up.  Furthermore, given this opportunity I would like to dispel common misconceptions about science.  It will be nerdy but I'll make it palatable.

I am over the moon having L. home and thrilled he's taking the time to share on Live/Learn.  I hope you enjoy this side trip. 

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  1. We love this blog. So happy that Logan is participating. We know you two work well with each other. Wish we could be with you more, but you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Much love, Mom and Dad

  2. Thanks, Sally, for sharing this post. L., it's nice to meet you. I appreciate hearing about your experiences. Wishing you the best for the future!

  3. I did enjoy the trip! A numbers kid, huh? Makes my "words" brain hurt a little. :)

    You must be proud of him.