Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 Summer Food Tour: Bombay Pizza Co.

The Texas food tour was a culinary success. With the help of Yelp, a wonderful traveling tool, we found places that MUST be mentioned.

For those who are familiar with our last seven months at Weight Watchers I want to preempt the following blog by saying we made use of the excercise room and pool every night and ate two meals a day, supplemented with healthy snacks, in order to stay within guide lines. 

Our change in eating has "cleaned" our taste palettes.  It seems like the old standards use the same distributor, the same ingredients and produce the same tastes.  We began to wonder, "Where have all the unique restaurants gone?"  We began the hunt for those establishments that offer something other than what the distributor delivers; scouring for those eateries that make it fresh, add something different, up the bar for flavor.  What we want are those places that are worth mentioning.

Our first find was in downtown Houston.  The Bombay Pizza Co. is a fusion of Italian and Indian ingredients into wonderful, flavorful combinations.

The pizza crust was a combination of regular dough and sesame seed dough which made for a light and crispy, cracker consistency.  The sauce was listed as Bombay pizza sauce, red, but not the standard tomato flavor. 

We ordered the 16' Slumdog pizza for $19.00 along with a bowl of tomato basil soup and salad.  Check their website for the wonderful combinations of pizza.  This will be a definite repeat visit and if I lived there a frequent lunch stop.  I'm sorry we didn't have enough time to sample more of the menu.

What an interesting combination of ethnic cuisine.  Houston was the only location for Bombay Pizza we could find.  Do you have a favorite pizza worth mentioning?

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