Saturday, July 31, 2010

2010 Summer Food Tour: The Great BBQ Debate

The Summer Food Tour started and ended because of barbeque. The idea developed after reading articles about the great barbeque to be found across the state of Texas. Charting our course to Houston, we discovered we could intercept several of the mentioned establishments with minimum distance out of our way.

On the outgoing trail, we strayed off course to Taylor, Texas and enjoyed a sample from Mueller’s Market. We found the beef ribs the most memorable.

Going home we started for Llano, Texas for Coopers BBQ but made a change and landed in Lockheart, Texas. Here, Kunz's and Smitty's, markets are battling it out.  We stopped to perform our own taste test. Both are well worth the visit.

Smitty’s is located in the middle of town in their original building. Kunez’s is in a new, larger building out on the highway. Both have pits heated with open fires that have you dripping with persperation in the first moments you enter. This is easily overlooked as you inhale the wonderful aromas of smoke and grilling meat.

We bought a cross section of the menu from each to sample. After finding a cool, shade tree in the local park we took our time and gave close attention to the comparison study.

If you are in Lockheart, Texas stop by one or the other at meal time, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I think it is really cool that you did this--actually went around and tasted!