Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2010 Summer Food Tour: Breakfast

The 2010 Summer Food Tour explained.

Saturday morning we consulted Yelp and decided on a downtown restaurant.  Unfortunately, it was this weekend they closed for remodeling.  Fortunately, one of Houston's finest was parked across the street so we pulled along side and asked for his breakfast recommendation. 

"The best one is The Breakfast Klub," he said, "but there will be a line so you might try Harry's."

A line!?!  A restaurant with a line is surely worth mentioning so we plugged the address into our trusty Garmon and headed over to The Breakfast Klub.  There was indeed a line, snaking under three awnings and anchored by fans and a misting system to keep the potential patrons cool in the sweltering heat.  We plugged in the address for Harry's and was NOT disappointed.

Let me take a moment to sing the praises of our Garmon GPS.  Where Yelp was a treasure trove from which to choose the right eating establishment the Garmon provided the directions to get us there.  Both invaluable in the success of this food tour.

We didn't leave without making our way to the Breakfast Klub, early on Sunday.  There was still a line, only about 15 minutes, but worth the wait.

Harry's is American, Mediterranean and Latin fusion, "The Globe On your Fork." Great coffee, freshed squeezed orange juice and a menu deep in unique flavors.  I had the Larissa Plate the first time and a blueberry waffle the second time.  Wonderful!

The Breakfast Klub has an ethnic flare and their two speciaities are waffles with wings and katfish and grits.  My son enjoyed the waffles and wings and I enjoyed the french toast, highly recommended by a Yelp reviewer.  They had an extensive coffee/expresso bar with four different blends of coffee available with the bottomless koffee kup.

Both restaurants are a thumbs up!

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