Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 Summer Food Tour: The Hobbit Cafe

2010 Summer Food Tour explained.

We spent Saturday afternoon in a cool, dark theatre. Two hours later we were ready for our second meal so fired up and began searching for something in the area of the theatre. The Hobbit Café drew immediate interest because the three of us are huge LOTR (Lord of the Rings) fans. We felt lucky, the café was very close to the theatre and deserved a look just because of the name but we were thrilled to find the food just as worthy.

We almost missed the turn as the 60’s renovated bungalow was tucked behind another restaurant. The décor was current and vintage LOTR memorabilia. It also thrilled us to know The Hobbit Café was voted the best vegetarian friendly restaurant in Houston. We did indulge beginning with the black bean nachos. I had the Smog sandwich with a choice between the slim or the classic. This comes with avocado unlimited and shaved carrots as the side. We ended by sharing a piece of the mousse cake; decadent and very delicious. I’ve attached some of the pictures that decorated the walls. It was an entertaining dining experience and a must for any other LOTR fans. Sorry, they don’t have a website.

Smog Sandwich                                             
Bilbo Baggins 


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